Links zur Höhensauerstoff-Thematik
[Florian Bartels und Wulf Schmidt, LSG Wolfenbüttel e.V.]

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Wulf hatte eine Mail an Steele Lipe, den Autor des Artikels zum Thema auf der DG-Website (,  geschrieben und folgende Antwort - mit interessanten Links, von ihm erhalten (Stand Januar 2005):

"Thank you for your interest.  My primary interest is glider oxygen safety.  You might go to This web page will direct you to a talk I made to the Soaring Society of America and to the DG website from which you most probably saw my article although in english,"

Wulfs Frage zu den Verwendungsmöglichkeiten des von ihm gekauften Systems "Scott model 358" und Steeles Antwort:
Some weeks ago i bought a used oxygene system for my glider. It consists of the gas bottle, a pressure pre-regulator and a closed mask for air crew from the company 'Scott Aviation' (model 358). The mask includes a regulator, which regulates the necessary amount of oxygene, depending on the static air pressure/height. Do you think, such a system is suitable to use it in a glider? Can you recommend such an 'air crew mask'?
"Yes, the Scott model 358 can be used in a glider but I have a couple of reservations. 
1) the use of a face mack which includes goggles (the picture I saw had goggles but that may be an extra) may limit side vision and in a glider
with other traffic and a need to see all around may possibly limit your vision. 
2) I am not sure what the oxygen consumption (l/min/m) is but I'm pretty sure that it is higher than it really needs to be for glider usage.  That kind of mask (358) is used in commercial jetliners which normally fly at altitudes above 32,000 ft (10,000m) and they have a need to have quick donning tight fitting masks without the need to worry about weight or oxygen use in l/min as you would in a glider. I have used extensively a Scott/Sierra 249 mask for many of my higher altitude flights."

Wulfs Frage zu dem Sauerstoffverbrauch des von ihm gekauften Systems "Scott model 358" und Steeles Antwort:
Do you have any idea or even experience concerning the consumption of oxygene with such a system? The company will not provide me with a specific flow/altitude chart (graph) without purchasing the complete owners manual.  If you have such information available that was supplied with the mask/regulator unit I would be eager to see it. Thanks for just a short answer. I wish I could be more positive about the mask and unit but I don't have enough information at this time.
"What are your plans in your flying that you should need the mask.  At what altitudes do you routinely fly? What is the highest you have or plan to fly? do you fly with others or by yourself? I'm not all that familiar with the regulations of other European countries, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria or Italy so I do not know the rules of oxygen usage as I do here in the USA. In my opinion a simple oxygen system such as the Mountain High http://www.mhoxygen.comcan be safely used up to around 25,000 ft (9,000 m) and is well known for its low oxygen use. I recommend that you read the articles written by Jerry Nelson of the Nelson Aircraft Co which can be found at as well as my article which I mentioned above. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I'm here to help." Steele Lipe, M. D. (