Wellen im Verlaufe eines Überführungsfluges von Braunschweig nach Hausen am Albis (CH)
[Bruno Neininger, LSZN]
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Dokumentübergreifende Links:  Wetterinfo  Welle zwischen Sperenberg und Luckenwalde am 16.03.2005

The flight back from the NAERS-Meeting in Braunscheig home to LSZN (Hausen am Albis, Switzerland), via EDRG (Bremgarten, Germany) was not a formal measuring flight:
During the flight back I could not resist to at least switching on those instruments that did not need any special care before the expedited departure. Sometimes, ferry flights are very interesting. This one at least shows, how we had to fight the nose wind (up to 50 kts westerly wind, which was quite in agreement with the forecast). Only a few instruments were running.

However, the flight in the strong westerly wind was quite interesting. There are waves in all wind components. However, since the track was more or less perpendicular to the wind, the waves were cut in small angle. The track is not straight by several reasons: ... the track got same waves, and we avoided some rotors above the hazy boundary layer which were visible by condensation.

Brunos Flugweg in unserem Beritt...

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